Toons and Stuff on IG

So I’ve decided to activate an Instagram account after so many years. Now, what am I gonna do with it?

I must admit it’s rather fun checking out some posts every now and then. And I never realized how interesting it can be to browse through the special happenings in others’ lives.

So I wanted to tell everyone how fun-loving my kids and husband are, but how to share it on IG?

Frustrated artist as I am, I went ahead and doodled along.

If you have some spare time, please check out my personal account @annabrillon.

You’ll find Mommy Strips, a series I created featuring snippets chronicling our daily crazy activities as a family.

Sample panel uploaded on IG

It’s still a work in progress. I’m gearing towards my goal of publishing 100 toons before the year 2019 ends.

Hoping for your support!

Your comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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