What’s the Big Deal with Popeye’s Chicken?

Absolutely nothing. Except that it has taken the chicken game up a hundred notches.

Undeniably, first-time tasters say it’s crunchy, juicy, delicious. But what makes this brand stand out? It may not just be about flavor, after all.

Because fried chicken is life, we decided to find out. We took a chance and headed to the milestone branch in Arcovia City, Pasig. Once you get there, don’t expect to be able to walk in the door. Whoops! The guard will immediately halt you and ask you to queue up outside. After a few minutes, customers will be asked to enter in batches so they can approach the ordering counter.

Popeye’s offers chicken rice meals, spaghetti, and chicken tenders with different dip flavors. For larger groups, they can opt for buckets of 6 or 8 pieces, with included rice, drinks, and biscuits. Speaking of biscuits, this was probably the highlight of Daddy’s visit. You can get them in boxes of three, and it comes in three flavors: honey, white chocolate, and hazelnut (the last two flavors kind of look like JCo or Krispy Kreme to me).

For a weekday afternoon, the place can still get packed. You can expect to wait for a minimum of 30 minutes from lining up to leaving the store with your order.

We believe that not all fried chickens are created equal, so the family had mixed reactions about the taste. As expected, the chicken skin was crispy, with the flavor seeping into the meat and making it yummy inside and out. The biscuits were really tasty when drizzled with honey, but otherwise dry if eaten plain. Overall, Popeye’s makes it to our Top 5 favorites, trailing behind Tom Sawyer, Pancake House, KFC, and Jollibee.

💡 Did you know? The very first Popeye’s restaurant opened in the 1970’s in Arabi, Louisiana. To date, the delectably crunchy specialty is served in over 3,000 stores in the US, Canada, and other nations like the UK, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Singapore. The quick service food chain proudly racks in over $265 million in annual revenue.

One of the earlier branches in Louisiana. Source: Popeyes.

For those who are not old enough to remember, Popeye’s had been in the Philippines over a decade ago. It was in 2007 when the brand had to pull out due to global corporate issues. Several years later, the Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen name was brought back to the country, thanks to the Kuya J Group.

According to press releases, more branches of Popeye’s will be sprouting in and around the Metro, such as in Makati, Alabang, Cubao, and North EDSA. The company’s rapid growth and increasing popularity will surely give other fast food chains a run for their money. Better get your wallets and tummies ready!


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