Unplug and Unwind at Real Coast & Surf

Real Coast and Surf is approximately 110 kilometers from BGC, Taguig. It’s about a 4 hour drive eastward via R5, passing through Rizal province towards the boundaries of Laguna and Quezon.

Highly reviewed and vibrant, the resort has become a destination of choice for this Holy Week 2019 holiday.

Upon reaching the highway off the coast of the Pacific Ocean, you’ll be greeted by steep cliffs and rock formations, and the unmistakable white swells of the waves. This area is a popular destination for locals aboard their motorbikes and especially for tourists who love the sand and surf.

Impressively, resort staff is well-trained, super nice, and highly knowledgeable. They will orient everyone on the features of the resort and the safety reminders when swimming or surfing. One aspect worth mentioning is their unwavering attention to everybody’s needs.

Surf Camp

Real Coast and Surf is a resort with two locations, one is the Surf Camp and the other is the Hotel. The Surf Camp is nestled next to the public access beaches, and it tends to be more crowded in the peak season.

You’ll find colorful cabanas with wooden shutters that can be closed at night for extra privacy. Each cabana is good for a group of four. Tent pitching spaces are also available for a fee. A communal but well-maintained restroom is nearby, exclusive only to Surf Camp guests.

When you get hungry after a day of surfing, the Surf Shack is open for cold drinks and treats like chicken and waffles, burgers, and more. There are several brightly-hued bean bags and low tables for diners to lounge on, too.


Take a quick 200 meter walk down the road and you’ll get to the main gate of the Real Coast and Surf Hotel. One will truly appreciate the lush greenery and well-maintained landscape of the facility. There is a large and secured parking area for guests.

Image from RealCoastAndSurf.com

All Hotel rooms are air conditioned, and are housed in a two-story building overlooking the swimming pool. Dorm-type rooms for large groups can be found in a separate building, while Family rooms have their own private verandahs facing the gardens.

Image from RealCoastAndSurf.com
Image from RealCoastAndSurf.com

What to eat? Hotel guests can enjoy full-board meals served at designated times of the day, and the food is served in the common dining area. After you’ve had your fill, go and relax along the hammocks and small cabanas while enjoying the cool ocean breeze.  

Image from RealCoastAndSurf.com


What do the kids love about the resort? The swimming pool, of course! There’s a large pool for the adults and an adjacent one for the kiddos. There are also several small huts where you can enjoy your snacks while you dry-off.

The resort has a small beach front, with just enough stretch of sand for the kids to play around in. During low-tide hours, guests can stroll along the rocks or sit in the shallow tide pools. However, when it’s high-tide, the hotel staff does not recommend swimming at the beach area of the hotel, as the waves are stronger and the rocks can be very sharp.

Because of this, most of the guests at the Hotel opt to take the short stroll back to the Surf Camp so they can enjoy a larger expanse of beach and open water. That area, however, was quite crowded at that time.

According to the resort staff, there are other activities aside from beach combing and surfing. You can take a hike (300 meters) through the trees and see the Balabag Falls. Adventurers often go for a cool dip in the natural pools, and snap some awesome Insta-worthy shots. A minimal entry fee is charged for visitors.

It should be noted that there are occasional thunderstorms in the area. As a result, it can be expected that there will be possible power outages in the resort. Fortunately, the Hotel has a generator, but it is used for the lights and a few electrical outlets only. Guests are advised not to switch on the air conditioning while the generators are running.

Here’s the kicker – if you want to unplug, this is the place to be. There is no cell signal for both Smart and Globe. There is, however, a landline should you need to make a phone call. Nonetheless, the whole clan will surely have a grand time making new memories at the resort.

For more information, check out their website at Real Coast & Surf.

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